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Types of Pageants:

Open Pageants: You must be a resident, full-time employee, or full-time student at a college or university in Indiana.

Closed Pageants: You must be a resident of the specified county, full-time employee in the specified county, or full-time student in a college or university located in the specified county.

College Pageants: You must be a full-time student at the listed college or university.



Are you the next Miss Indiana?

To compete in the Miss Indiana Scholarship Pageant, a contestant must first win a local preliminary pageant. Some locals are open and some have specific geographic eligibility requirements, based on where you live, attend school full-time, or work full-time.

Step 1: Find a Local Pageant in Your Area

To find a local pageant in your area, click on the interactive map to the left. Click on the pins to find more information about a specific local pageant. Or visit our Local Pageants page.

Step 2: Determine Your Eligibility

Contestants must be between the ages of 17 and 24. (If you were born in 1990 or earlier, you are no longer eligible) You must also be a resident of Indiana, full time student at a college or university in Indiana, or employeed full time in the state of Indiana.

For a detailed list of eligibility requirements, click here.

Areas of Competition:

What will be required?:

The road to Miss America begins in a town near you. To find your local pageant in Indiana, visit the Local Pageants page.